Solo Exhibition
Tiziano, Gerner Str. 48, 
80638 Munich. 
15.04 -21.06.2024

Menacing Beauty  (2023)

Post Grad Online Exhibition 2023 on Kunstmatrix
with fellow student  Dhama of London. 


Solo Exhibition at Christiane Wolters' Art Space NY_Dentists


It was a successful opening night with around 98 guests. I held a short opening speech and the moderator, Alex Onken from MünchenTV held an interesting interview  about my process. This was shown 18 times in the course of the following days. Felt famous for a week!  Jonas Brinkmann kept us in swing with jazz blues on his saxophone.

The party service was done by Claudia of Tiziano's of Gern - very elegant!
I  am thankful to Kristiane, my co-organisor, for letting me use her very elegant space and for her help with the hanging. Her girls too were a great help during the hanging and the vernissage. Specially thankful to my Katrin for her moral support.


By Sonia Böning

zur Vernissage OCEAN ART von Sonia Böning sind Sie herzlich eingeladen
in der Nymphenburger Straße 139 (3St)
am 16.02.2023 Zwischen 19.00 und 22.00 Uhr.

Ihr Kristiane Wolters, Sonia Böning & Team.


Kultueren Neuhausen am 8 und 9 Oktober2022. Ich stelle wieder aus im Trafo 4te Stock und freue mich auf zahlreiche Besuch.
I will be exhibiting at the KULTUEREN in Neuhausen, Munich on Saturday 08.10 and Sunday 09.10.2022 at the Trafo 4th floor. Looking forward to seeing you there.

The Night of the Iguana, Pigments and inks on canvas, 170x150, Painted in the ocean

.Beyond the Ocean, pigments on canvas.

A Knotted Embrace, pigments and inks on canvas, 80x80cms.