About me


I am a contemporary artist living and working in Munich. 

In my recent body of work (2024), I use self-made earth pigments and inks to mine the depths of the earth, bringing to life the rich colours and tactile textures of nature's palette, using these as my language. The texture which I create through the application of ground stone, wood-ash,, earth, sand and pigments, forms a fusion of nature and art. Nature inspires the imagery in my work, however my work is not an imitation of nature.
In my studio I approach my canvas free of preconceptions, working on the floor, translating  music into a sense of colour and gesture. The canvas is my arena where I act, rather than a space for mimesis. I push and pull the paint playing with light and transparency, reflections and layering and let myself flow with the work. Materials play an active part in my process.  My work does not aim to provide explanations, but is my visual language.

 My former body of work work created during my studies emerged from my passion for the ocean, the underwater world and my love of pigments, especially the pelagic blues. I used my work to create a virtual dive in the deep, which today has been irrevocably altered by anthropocentric man. On site, I submerged large pigmented canvasses overnight in the ocean, let them dry and repeated the process of addition and erasure many times. The ocean made the marks and I was merely an assistant. This allowed me to create the otherworldliness of the underwater realm, immersing myself in the poetics of pigments and my passion for blue. I aimed to present content in a sensuous way, like a dive into tropical water and invited the viewers not to see my work, but to feel the impact with a sense of wonderment.