About me


I am a contemporary artist based in Munich.
 My recent body of work work emerges from my passion for the ocean, the underwater world and my love of pigments, especially the pelagic blues. I use my work to create a virtual dive in the deep, which today has been irrevocably altered by anthropocentric man. My work does not aim to provide explanations, but is my visual language.

On site, I submerge large pigmented canvasses overnight in the ocean, let them dry and repeat the process of addition and erasure many times. The ocean makes the marks and I am merely an assistant.

In my studio in Munich I approach my canvas free of preconceptions, working on the floor whilst listening to Keith Jarret, Bach or Bobby McFerrin, translating the music into a sense of colour and gesture. The canvas is my arena where I act, rather than a space for mimesis. I push and pull the paint playing with light and transparency, reflections and layering and let myself flow with the work. Materials play an active part in my process. I use pigments, inks, graphite and ash, coffee grinds and sawdust. I recently discovered the beauty of Iwa-Enogu, using mineral pigment with animal glue. This allows me to create the otherworldliness of the underwater realm, immersng myself in the poetics of pigments and my passion for blue. I aim to present content in a sensuous way, like a dive into tropical water and invite the viewers not to see my work, but to feel the impact with a sense of wonderment and feel the erotics of art.